WordPress+ Professional

We get it–managing your WordPress website can be flustering. Incompatible plugins, regular updates, design changes, and not a free minute to manage your company.

We’re here to help. Unpackage will give you a dedicated WordPress designer for a flat rate to help you create, manage, and deploy a new WordPress website, or publish changes to an existing website–whatever it is, we’ll be here to help.

Everything you’ll need for your website for a flat, monthly rate.

Sigining up for WordPress+ Professional lets you focus on what you do best–running your business. Figuring out which plugins to install, how to design your website, or how to speed it up is likely not what you had in mind when you got started, leave this to us.

Whether you’re just starting to build your website or you already have a website that requires a little tweaking, we’ll be here to work with you through any troubles you’re running into.


Whatever it is, we’re here to help.

Start new web projects and complete them quickly
Performance and security improvements
Manage and schedule blog posts
Install and configure plugins
Debug conflicts and resolve errors
Consult on web decisions
Disaster recovery*

Everything you’ll need, so naturally we’re including them.

Powerful Hosting

Web hosting is essential to getting your website online–we’ll provide a cloud instance with more than enough computer power.

Flawless Design

Letting us design from the ground up? Great–we’ll push regular updates out for the theme we install and use for your website.

Nightly Backups

We’ll back up your website nightly and store the backups we take for 48 hours; if something goes wrong, we’ll have a restoration point.

FontAwesome Pro

We may use FontAwesome on your website, and you’ll have access to a whole lot of professionally designed icon sets to use.

Free SSL Certificate

Having an SSL certificate install has become the standard for any website, regardless of whether you process data. We’ll get you one for free.

Get Started for 271/mo.**

Most web specialists will charge you over $90 per hour to get the simplest tasks done–we charge one flat, monthly rate for dedicated developer to assist you with  anything you’ll need.

* Disaster recovery is possible with a backup on file; without a backup, it may be more difficult to recover your website but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Sometimes all it takes is disabling a bad plugin to get your website up and running. We’ll do everything in our power to resolve any issues that are considered to be an emergency.

** Billed on an annual basis.