Partner with Unpackage

We’re introducing an interest-earning affiliate program. It just makes sense.

Partner with Unpackage and receive a suite of financial products that’ll help you better manage your affiliate-based income.

How does it work?

With the help of our partner bank, Goldman Sachs, we have created a simple stored-value account that can be topped up through payments or transfers, and used to make purchases within or outside of our company.

This means that, as a partner, you’ll receive:

  • An interest-earning checking account.
  • A debit card that can be used anywhere.
  • Account and routing numbers, to send and receive money via automated clearinghouse (ACH) as well as through national and international wire transfers.
  • Instant access to funds with same-day payouts upon request.
  • Access to marketing materials to help our partnership endeavor.


Affiliate, receiving her payout (illustration)

Becoming a Partner

Apply to Become an Affiliate

First, you’ll apply to partner with Unpackage as an affiliate. We work with anybody: freelancers or independent contractors, web developers, SEO specialists, and community managers.

Get the Goods

When approved, your interest-earning checking account will be created at our partner bank, Goldman Sachs. This account is where we’ll send your payouts; you’ll also be issued a debit card.

Get Paid

Refer your clients to us for web hosting and start getting paid. You’ll earn up to 15% of every payment they make to Unpackage after their first 30 days of being an active client.

Not in love with the idea?

That's alright–we can just pay you through PayPal too.

Our new partnership program is coming soon. Please check back for more updates as they become available.