Amazing news! We’ve just submitted our first donation! Early last month, we came out with our decision to donate 6% of our net income for the quarter to March For Our Lives, a not for profit organization whose mission is to harness the power of young people across the country to fight for sensible gun violence prevention policies that save lives.

Unpackage has donated $75.34 to March For Our Lives. We’re very proud to be able to support a movement as important as this one.

This donation has been logged in our donation accountability tool.

All the best,
Ryan R. Bealey, President
Unpackage, Inc.

Donation Accountability

Our donation accountability tool helps us keep a public log of our donations — we log the following information: the organization we donate to, their website, the value of our donation, whether the donation is matched, the value of the matched donation, and a timestamp of our donation. In an effort toward a more transparent relationship with our clients, we will never not log our philanthropic actions.

Donation Accountability Tool